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Hoyanet is a web portal with a broad package of information on Hoya's products, services and business support. The site which is developed for Hoya customers also contains ordering tools for ophthalmic lenses, marketing campaigns and training programs. 

Hoyanet is currently available in 16 countries within the EMEA region. Hoyanet will be expanded to additional countries in the near future. Please choose the links below for more information about Hoyanet in the various countries.

Germany - www.hoyanet.de
The Netherlands - www.hoyanet.nl
Belgium - www.hoyanet.be
Hungary - www.hoyanet.hu
United Kingdom - www.hoyanet.co.uk
Sweden - www.hoyanet.se
France - www.hoyanet.fr
Spain - www.hoyanet.es
Portugal  - www.hoyanet.pt
Italy - www.hoyanet.it
Finland - www.hoyanet.fi
Poland - www.hoyanet.pl
Denmark - www.hoyanet.dk
Norway - www.hoyanet.no
Czech Republic - www.hoyanet.cz
Canada - www.hoyanet.ca
Switzerland www.hoyanet.ch - Knecht & Müller, distributor
Russian Federation - www.hoyanet.ru

We will keep you updated on the roll-out of our Hoyanet services via this page.
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